What is VoIP?

If you’ve never heard about VoIP technology before, this may completely change the way you think about telephony. With the help of this wonderful technology the analog signal is converted into digital data and thus can be transferred over IP-based networks.

VoIP abbreviation stands for the term ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ meaning the technology of voice transmission over IP-based networks, such as the Internet. This technology is also often called IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, Voice over Broadband (VoBB), etc.

Though the VoIP technology was developed by the US Department of Defense about 1973 and has existed in some experimental forms since then, it is still relatively new for the grassroots. That’s why people often don’t know much about this technology, though the incredible possibilities ensured by VoIP are undoubtedly interesting for everyone. In fact, this very technology helps us to make cheap and even free calls all over the world. Thus, you can give and receive calls directly from your computer, which is a completely revolutionary way of calling. Everyone who has a fast and secure broadband connection to the Internet can take the advantage of using the VoIP technology.

VoIP possesses an enormous potential. Probably, in the end it will completely replace the conventional telephone networks.